AE-993 Window Tint, Car Window Film Tinting Tools, Vinyl Wrap Kit, Felt Squeegee, Window Tint Squeegee, Plastic Scrapers, Utility Knife and Blades - AE QUALITY FILM


AE-993 - 38pc Window Tint Kit

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  • Squeegee, conqueror, felt squeegee, 2 plastic scrapers, 10 stainless steel blades & 10 plastic blades, 9mm retractable utility knife with 10 blades, contour , block squeegee.
  • Window tinting, vinyl film, wall decals, poster, wallpaper installation, wallpaper smoothing, all types of paint protection film, decals, solar film, wrap film
  • Made of high-quality plastic, rubber and stainless steel, but is lightweight and portable
  • Scraper designed for better performance, greater control and strength, making scraping faster and easier.
  • Blades, economical yet durable, sharp yet flexible, easily removing decals yet surface-friendly, easily replaced.

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